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Robert Adams ’84CBA, ’88MBA
Fidelity Investments

Kenneth O. Kirshner ’88CBA
Deloitte & Touche LLP


Vincent M. Albanese, Esq. ’49L, ’09HON
Albanese & Albanese LLP

Peter J. Micca ’89CBA
Deloitte & Touche LLP


Jeffrey D. Alter ’84CBA, ’88MBA
NE UnitedHealthcare

Charlene Prounis ’89MBA
Flashpoint Medica, LLC


Dennis Annarumma ’79CBA
Ernst & Young LLP

Spencer Reames, Esq. '99C, '02L
Farrell Fritz, P.C.


Francis J. Behlmer ’79CBA
BNY Mellon

Salvatore Restivo ’85CBA, ’89MBA
Ernst & Young LLP


John P. Clarke, Esq. ’55CBA, ’57L
St. John's University

Catherine Verrelli ’00CBA, ’01MBA
Ernst & Young, LLP


James J. Fenton, II ’90CBA
TBWA Worldwide/Omnicom Group

Salvatore J. Zizza ’67UC, ’72MBA, ’07HON
Zizza and Associates Corp.

John J. Geli ’87CBA ’92MBA
Wealth Management Systems, Inc.

Nicholas J. Antaki '07TCB, '11MBA
YOR Health, Inc.

Thomas J. Herits '12CPS

Michelle J. Blackman '10MBA
Pfizer, Inc.

David Krupinski '08CPS
Under Armour


Matthew Coleman '10TCB, '12MBA
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Alyssa Marmo '13CPS
St. John’s University


Manuel O. Cuzco '09TCB
JPMorgan Chase

Charles Moore ’11TCB
Andolini Capital

James J. Finnegan '12TCB, '13MS

Sean Shiva Ramlal '06TCB
Allied World Reinsurance

Steven D. Giglio '08L
Northwestern Mutual Life
James John Rizzi '13TCB
JPMorgan Chase

Joylyn V. Gimarino '00C, '10MBA
Abbott Capital Management LLC

Jayne Sullivan '11CPS
Kevin L. Grover '13TCB Tami A. Telford '11CPS

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St. John's 16th Annual President's Dinner